「The music would be the light to hope for everyone…」
This is a philosophy of violinist Tsukasa who is mainly playing songs were composed by herself and it will resonate with heart of people.

Tsukasa has been playing the violin since she was three years old, and graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music.
She participated in the International Music Seminar at University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna in 2004 and 2006 and got diploma after that.
After graduation, she had a lot of experience of playing the violin with the various artists and she has actively been involved in the various fields not only classic.

She released two solo albums called “Sakura Classics” was born in collaboration with Ms. Momoko Sakura who is the manga artist of “Chibi Maruko-chan” in the spring and winter 2008.
The great collaboration of J-Pop and classic has garnered immense praise and it won the 1st weekly place and 3rd monthly place of “MUSICO” what is the big music download site and it was unusual blockbuster success of this genre.
“Tabidachinohini…” which was included in this album had been using for the TV programme of Saitama TV “News930” as an ending theme and the special version of “lover” form this album had also been using for the drama called “Double” made in collaboration of NTTdocomo and Nippon Television and it has garnered immense praise.

Tsukasa was performing more than 100 times and one-man live has been sold out so far.
She was also performing in the various music events such as “La Folle Journee music festival”, “Memorial tree-lightning ceremony in Odaiba”, “Moon Gallery of JAXA” and “Special Collaboration of NTTdocomo and Nippon Television in Shibuya 109” etc.
From 2013, she works for her own radio programme as a personality as well.

In addition, she is also involved in live support and recording for J-POP artists, as well as recording for incidental music and various BGM.

She has been a member of the project for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake called “Rising Sun” who is supporting people and supplying the piano there since 2011.
In 2013, she visited to Sri Lanka as a member of “Musicians Without Borders” with Mayo Shono and had interact with children through the music concerts there.

Tsukasa composes her own songs and the 1st own composition album “Tsukasa’s air” was released in September 2013.
Some songs were used for the TV programme of TV Asashi called “The Open 2013”, “World Aquatics Championships 2013” and “Another World Aquatics Championship A moving Story” before it release.
Also “Maternal LOVE” has been picked up as the TV commercial song of Japanese Sake “Miyanoyuki”.
Her melody that has been being created by her impression of the feeling of the life and the fantastic/great nature, her distinct vision of music has strong message/fantastical world and the timbres not only beautiful but also like singing are attracting all the people.

The 2nd own composition long-awaited album "Live LIFE" was released in March 2016.
Her various world of view what likes you are watching a movie has been evolving wider and deeper so it does not disappoint your expectations.


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